Blogger Posting schedule

Post date: 24-Jul-2016 16:28:06

In anticipation of the day job starting up again in September I am going to start going to this Schedule from Saturday

  • Monday : The Monday Muse
  • Wednesday: Getting over the Hump day
  • Friday: The Friday Reflection
  • Sunday: The Sunday Fry up

To set a target of about 4 blogs a week that take approx 40 minutes as they are doing at the moment to write is reasonable for an Online Learning Community. We will try to be as consistent as possible. If the mood really takes my fancy there might be a Thought for the moment if it too much for Twitter or a Latest News Post.

For instance a book review of a paragraph or two might not be a full blog on blogger but too much for a tweet.

One of the statements made on the Home page of this site is that I am aiming to start a push rather a pull style of learning and operation of the website. Twitter is great and it is growing me the more that I use it but it is still a pushing content sometimes. For somebody like me who likes using OneNote extensions in Browsers to clip reading notes that is great. I am lucky to have at the moment a working memory that is able to retain and hopefully make sense of that information. The "Google Effect" for me at least as a learner is real. There will be more of that tomorrow in the Monday Muse. The key point about for me sitting at this keyboard is that I am a learner and do not have all the answers. My basic aspiration for this OLC is that all the years of experience of learning taught me to do it safely for myself and others!

Essentially if what you are doing becomes too much hard work too often, you are either doing it wrong or maybe you shouldn't be doing at all. Time to step back and look again! What is too often is a matter of experience, what is right or wrong that of judgement!