Sciences of Qur'aan

Sciences of Quraan and Tafseer - A 8 part series delivered by our noble brother Abbas Abu Yahya (Jeddah, Miraath Publications)

These Telelinks were conducted between March and December 2017

Part 1 - Benefits of Studying the Quraan

Part 2 - Definition of Tafseer

From works of Sh Ubayd Al Jaabiri from his explanation of Sahih al Bukhari's chapter on Book of Tafseer - Also from Imam Ibn Taymiyah

Part 3 - Tafseer of the Quraan by Quraan and Tafseer of Quraan by the Prophet

Part 4 - Summary of Last 3 Lessons and Tafseer of Quraan by the Companions

includes examples from Abdullaah ibn Abbas and Abdullah ibn Mas'oud radiallaahu anhuma

Part 5 - Continuation of Tafseer of Companions

Example of Tafseer from ibn Abbas pertaining to the verse :... Whomsoever doesn't judge by what Allah has revealed... 5:44

Part 6 - Tafseer of the Taabieen

Part 7 - Reasons for Revelation

Part 8 - Principles regarding Reasons for Revelation