Section 4 - Signs to recognize different States of Words

Signs: ضمة, كسرة, فتحة, جزم

State / i'raab: مرفؤع, مجرور, منصو, مجزوم

Mu'rab: Words whose Sate can be affected and their endings modified

Mabni: Words whose State don't change and their endings can't be modified - Mabni words are like 'dead' and they have no movement. Around a third (1/3rd) of Arabic Vocabulary has words which are Mabni. Likewise all Harf are from the Mabni words. Likewise some of Verbs are Mabni (eg. past tense verb)

Some important points of benefit

In this section the concept of Signs of different States is discussed (It is important for Students to grasp the idea of Signs and States as separate aspects)

Generally a Marfu (and this is a State / i'Raab) word is associated with a dammah sign - but this is not always the case with every word which is in Marfu state - eg. بيت this word is in Marfu state and the sign is dammah - and this sign is Asliyyah (orignal). Another example مسلمون this word is also in Marfu state but its sign is الواو - waw - and this sign is known as Naaibah (in place of orignal).

This is an important concept so make note of that

To summarize: Each of the 4 States or i'Raab have different signs - some of them asliyyah and others Naaibah.

16) Signs to recognise Word being in Marfu State (includes recap of 4 categories of i'raab or State, also Mabni and Mu'rab words)