Death of Shaykh Saalih Al Luhaydaan


Indeed yesterday was a sad & a heavy day for Ahlus Sunnah - One of our Senior Scholars passed away rahimahullah.

Walillaahil hamd I got to attend the Janazah of the Shaykh in Riyadh (Al Rajihi Grand Mosque), which was led by the Mufti Abdul Aziz hafizahullaah & attended by several thousands of people & many other Scholars too (including Sh Saalih Al Fawzaan hafizahullah)

The Shaykh rahimahullaah was known to have a very pleasant/warm personality, was very welcoming & used to have smiling face with the people

Alhamdulillaah I did get a chance to meet him/say salaams on at least 2 different occasions (2005 & 2019) and in both occasions I recall him holding the hands firmly for few seconds at least.

I have recollections of sitting in his duroos over most of the last ten nights of Ramadan in the year 2005 at the Haram in Makkah (nr Kaabah) (after Isha & after Fajr) & he even used to take questions - perhaps one of the most beneficial gatherings I have attended so far in my life.

(Ustaadh Uways Taweel has shared a beneficial post of past lecture recordings of the Shaykh - Let's hope and pray we are able to benefit from these. It can be accessed here)

The Shaykh was likewise known to be firm upon the truth & not fear the blame of the blamers & he would speak the truth no matter what - For a person of his level of authority & respect in the Kingdom this may not be something very common Allahu A'lam

Indeed a sad day for the Muslims & Ahlus Sunnah in particular & we ask Allah azzawajal to have mercy on him & grant him jannatul Firdous. Aameen

We likewise ask Allah azzawajal to serve this as a reminder for us & to allow us to benefit from the works of this Noble Aalim & other great Scholars who are alive.

حفظهم الله

Muzammil Misbah


6 Jan 2022