slave of Allah

Benefit from Abu Iyyad’s lecture

Characteristics of the slave of Allah azzawajal -

    1. Questions to ask or ponder upon before reading Qur'an - from the works of Imam Al Aajurry - Akhlaq Hamalatul Qur'an (see summary at the end)

    2. Benefits from the works of sh Rabee bin Hadee - from the book Majaalis Al Qur'aan (explanation of verses from Surah Al Furqan v63 onwards)

    3. 5 aspects which Islaam has come to preserve - deen, wealth, lineage, Aql & life

    4. Evil effects of socialism - Benefit : Sh Ibn Uthaimeen rahimahullah wrote a book on refuting socialism in the mid 1950’s! He bought around 70 points on harms of socialism

    5. Encouragement to students of knowledge in learning Maqaasid as Shareeah (to understand wisdom behind rulings & legislation in Islam)

    6. Explanation on why Zina / Fornication is haraam in Islam and how it destroys societies - huge impact on honour, rights of inheritance, marriage, right of wealth, order of society, lineage

    7. Situation of a person who seeks Ilm but is negligent concerning supregatory prayers, zikr such that he becomes negligent - leads to hardening of the hearts…

    8. The fallacy of weak arguments from the people of innovation and kalaam (likes of Zakir Naik) due to which, non muslims refute them and thereby muslims are entangled into doubts re aspects of creation /creator

    9. The close relationship between cowardice and miserliness

Expansion of point 1

Questions to ponder upon related to reading the Qur'an

    1. When will you be free from being in need of people and rely solely on Allaah

    2. When will you be from the Muttaqeen

    3. When will you be from the Muhsineen

    4. When will you be from the Mutawakkileen

    5. When will you be from the Khaashieen

    6. When will you be from the Saabireen

    7. When will you be from the Saadiqeen

    8. When will you be from the Khaaifeen

    9. When will you be from the hopeful one

    10. When will you aspire for the hereafter

    11. When will you repent

    12. When will you realise the continuous blessings of Allah

    13. When will you be grateful

    14. When will you aim to understand the Ayah

    15. When will you start dominating /controlling your soul

    16. When will you preserve your tongue

    17. When will you lower your gaze

    18. When will you guard against your private parts

    19. When will you feel shy from Allah

    20. When will you occupy yourself with your own faults

    21. When will you rectify

    22. When will you realise that you will be taken to account in the hereafter

    23. When will you take admonition

    24. When will you remember Allâh

    25. When will you love for the sake of Allâh

    26. When will you hate for the sake of Allah


Highly recommended

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