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Excellent article -

Worth spending 30 mins of your time to carefully read this - it could potentially change your and your families direction of travel - Allahu A'lam.

Some topics covered

1. Sexualization of the children from the earliest age possible

2. Destroying the differentiation between the feminine and masculine gender confusion

3. Instilling hatred towards parents or total independence from them

4. Creating perception of Parents as "criminals under assumption" and Parents as a grave danger to their children

5. Familiarisation and introduction to magic and the Occult (avenue to Satan and the Jinn)

6. Dumbing down and reduction of intelligence

Quote from article -

This article is based upon something stated by the Permanent Committee for Research and Verdicts in their fatwa no. 893 (Shaykh Abdullaah al-Ghudayan, Shaykh Abdullah al-Manee', Shaykh Abdur-Razzaaq al-Afeefee), in relation to the call of a faction amongst mankind intent on moral and social degradation (and we will deal with that faction in separate articles inshaa'Allaah):

ولكنها في حقيقتها ودخيلة أمرها دعوة إلى الإباحية والانحلال وعوامل هرج ومرج وتفكك في المجتمعات ، وانفصام لعرى الأمم ومعاول هدم وتقويض لصرح الشرائع ومكارم الأخلاق وإفساد وتخريب العمران

...But it is in its reality and in its interior a call to permissiveness, to decay and (to) factors of turmoil, and disintegration in societies, and to the splitting of the handholds of nations and to the destructive, subversive annihilation of the edifice of legal injunctions and noble characteristics (morals) and the corruption and destruction of civilization (culture)...

End of quote from Permanent Committe of Major Scholars Saudi Arabia

Another quote from the article


Before continuing, it is our hope that as a Muslim, You've realized that what is delivered through the television is mostly propaganda, marketing, culture and value modification and brainwashing, and legally, TV Networks are under no obligation to tell the truth, because they are privately owned - and what you see through your television is decided by people whose values are more or less entirely in opposition to yours. If you've realized this much, congratulations, you've got your head on right, and this information will not really apply to you.

If you are a Muslim who has a television in your house, we advise you for the sake of Allaah that you get rid of your television, and that you do not give away your children to "television foster-care" because all you are doing is destroying their lives, socially, morally and psychologically, whilst being deceived into thinking you are providing them "entertainment". For your information, very large numbers of well-informed, and conscientious non-Muslims are recognizing the corruption and sham that is television, its evil effects on themselves and the children and are getting rid of it from their houses.

--End of quote from article


And the other thing it highlights is the baseerah and foresight of the senior scholars of Ahlus-Sunnah and their concern and care for societies - May Allah azzawajal preserve them all aameen.

Highly recommended

May Allah azzawajal reward the author Abu Iyyad hafizahullaah well for this much needed discourse.