MAT May 2017 Event

Bismillaah. Assalamualaikum wa rahmatul laahi wa barakaatuhu

Walillaahilhamd we had a very beneficial get-together with salafis in Bangalore, South India yesterday evening - Saturday - 20th of May 2017.

We had brothers travelling all the way from South India from the following areas - Kerala (Calicut and nearby areas) , Vijaywada, Tamil Nadu (Chennai) and attending the event. (journeys of over 10 hrs by road...)

We had an attendee as young as 13 year old (or less! ) and some attendees over their 50's! Walillaahilhamd

May Allah azzawajal accept this effort/juhd from them and make this in their scale of good deeds. Aameen

We likewise thank our noble and elders from the students of knowledge - Nadeem Ahsan Shah, Abdulilaah Lahmami and Abbas Abu Yahya for dedicating their time in delivering very beneficial lectures for the gathering.

We started off with Br Abbas delivering a lecture on the importance of Sincerity and how easy it is for a person to fall short in this regard. He then also explains the steps via which a person can ensure his actions are done sincerely for the sake of Allah azzawajal.

Then we had Br Nadeem speaking on the Methodology of Prophets in calling to Allah azzawajal. He gave examples from many of the Prophets and Messengers and how their call was focused on Tawheed and establishing the worship of Allah azzawajal purely and sincerely for him alone and the obligation for callers to Allah to stick to this methodology. He recommended brothers to get hold of the monumental book - Methodology of Prophets in calling to Allah - By Sh Rabee bin Hadee with the introduction of sh Saalih Al-Fawzaan

Lastly we had our noble brother and elder Br Abdulilah Lahmami from Madeenah delivering a powerful lecture on following the Sunnah and staying away from Bid'ah. He highlighted the seriousness of innovations and the fact that Prophet warned the Sahaabas from innovations on a very regular basis even though in their era innovation was not present...

and the speaker highlighted how the people of innovations come in the garb of Salafiyyah to deceive the general people from the Salafis. And he gave example of the devious nature of organisations such as Ihya Turath and ikhwaan Al Muslimeen who cause much chaos, Fitna and splitting of the ummah wherever they go. He likewise mentioned importance of sticking to the Sunnah and the fact that Sunnah is like the ark of Nooh alaihi salaam and whoever embarks upon it is saved... A Short but very powerful naseeha.

We had free Urdu material from our brothers at (on topic of Aqeedah Ahlus-Sunnah, Prophet Muhammad, Dangers of Shirk) which we distributed free of charge for the attendees.

And we shared a number of updates pertaining to our activities and future plans which the attendees were very keen and interested to be involved in. (see attached)

We had request for several sisters to attend the event but due to our limitations in organising we were unable to cater for that. Inshaallah in the future we will plan accordingly.

Inshaallah the lectures will be uploaded on our website soon and shared via our Twitter and email list.

Once again we sincerely thank all attendees and speakers and organisers for this very beneficial event.

Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Whoever travels a path in search of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him a path to Paradise.”

. We ask that Allah azzawajal to facilitate their paths to Jannah. Aameen




Bangalore, South India

Sunday - 21st May 2017 -