1. innee taalibun or innanee

2. اhow do we use the double noon, in surat Taha, inana na khaaf

3. Can the teacher reference us to where we learn the meaning of the grammatical term 'mamnoo' min as-sarf', is that in book 1?

4. So is there such a thing as faqirun instead of faqeerun?, like the alim example?

5. zu - what's the situation for dual

6. words after zu - are they not khabar ?

7. how about like me I have not yet done with book 1 am just re vising book 1 and as well studying book 2

8. As the na'ad / khabr of the word that came before, it follows it in gender and number, does it follow in anything else? (please don't mention my name in response)

9. so is this always naat for word before and mudaaf for word after in all cases ?

10. why is it bidhaatisudoor.

11. so ذو can be mudof for any word and not just adjectives or description words ?

12. is it correct if it's said هو ذو الكتابِ جميلٍ؟