Section 3 - Four Different types of Inflection

13) Four different States a word can be in and how these impact Noun, Verb and Particles. Introduction to Mu'rab and Mabni

14) How Nouns and Verbs are restricted to only certain States. Examples of Mabni words from Nouns and Verbs

15) Example of Verbs which are Mabni - followed by Q&A/ re-cap of all three lessons

Signs: ضمة, كسرة, فتحة, جزم

State: مرفؤع, مجرور, منصو, مجزوم

Mu'rab: Words whose Sate can be affected and their endings modified

Mabni: Words whose State don't change and their endings can't be modified - Mabni words are like 'dead' and they have no movement. Around a third (1/3rd) of Arabic Vocabulary has words which are Mabni