moments before death

"moments before death" .

Dr Murtaza bin Baksh hafizahullaah gives examples of many individuals and their last moments before death approached them.

He gives 5 or 6 examples of his first hand experience as a medical doctor on emergency / accident cases.

1... a man who murmurs the kalimah even though all his body parts have stopped responding..

2... a righteous woman, who was so obedient to her husband and didn’t raise voice with him (as attested by the husband himself) and was so conscious of her covering / hijab... Her husband regarded her death as a huge calamity and a test for him.. How was her death and her last moments?

3... a man who was not ready to meet his mother who had travelled all the way from Pakistan to meet his son in Jeddah. Her son had married a second wife without informing his mother.. His mother struggles in the heat of Jeddah with the hope that she would meet her son and he doesn't see her. She returns back to her country... What was his end?

4... a 20 yr old young girl who is on the verge of getting married so much so that even her marriage invitation has been sent out... Her mother meets with a serious accident which renders her permanently disabled.. The 20 yr old daughter postpones the marriage and instead dedicates her life to serving her mother... She Also has two younger sisters... They get married..

For 15 years the elder daughter (who remains unmarried) serves her mother, she had to clean her, lift her and other matters pertaining to taking care of her... and when the mother is nearing death she raises her index fingers to the sky and says O Allaah bear witness that I am satisfied with my daughter... Her mother passes away.. What is the future state of her daughter (who is now 35) who sacrificed her younger days and youthful state in servicing her mother till her mother passed away in a state in which she was pleased with her daughter....?

Take your time out ikhwaan with your families sisters, daughters and wives and others and listen to this 40 mins lecture seeking Allah's face. Inshaallah there will be benefit

A very beneficial, touching and a thought provoking lecture. Around 40 mins

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