Righteous Husband

*The righteous Husband*

Taken from a lecture conducted by our brother Abu Idrees at MasjidusSunnah Cranford West London

Key topics

1. Providing for your wives

2. Do not hit her

3. Use soft tone in speech

4. Man beautifying himself

5. Assisting in household chores

6. Making her laugh and smile

7. Bridges of love

8. Do not criticise or ridicule her

9. Do not forsake your home

10. Do not focus on her shortcomings

11. Be good to your women

12. Good character

13. Be a means of salvation from Hell fire

Some problems which occurs between Husbands and Wives and their remedies

1. Men forsaking prayers

2. Excessive travelling

3. Sexual needs of wives

4. Businessman and being too busy at work

5. Wife vs Husbands parents

6. Respecting wives parents

7. Being too occupied in calling to Allaah azzawajal (ie being involved in dawah)

An excellent heart-rendering talk by our noble brother Abu Idrees

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