Dawrah of Sh Saalim in London & Birmingham

Brief summary and points of benefit from our visit to the dawrah Ilmiya of sh Saalim Baahirmiz in London /Birmingham on Friday and Saturday 27,28th July 2018


1. Unique opportunity to sit under the feet of a 68 year old scholar who has benefitted from the likes of Imam Muqbil and bin Baaz.

2. Learn some intricate affairs and Qawaaid in matters of Fiqh rulings

3. Benefit from visiting the different Maraakiz involved in dawah and meeting the brothers involved in setting up of these maraakiz

4. Benefit of meeting students of knowledge and also our brothers from different parts of UK. And much more.. Walillaahilhamd

Alhamdulillaah We started our journey to London on Friday arriving at Markaz us Sunnah West London in good time for the beginning of the first dars. It was quite amazing to see how well the Markaz has been setup right from the parking space available to bathroom, bookstore, brothers area, overflow area, separate sisters area /entrance - There is ongoing work in improving various facilities at the Markaz and I'd highly encourage brothers and sisters to try and support our brothers in Markaz us Sunnah West London.

Lecture 1 with sh Saalim Baahirmiz - started Friday around 5pm

The Shaykh briefly went through the famous book of Imam bin Baaz - Duroos Muhimmah, the topic of categorisation of Shirk. Different types and categories of Shirk and those aspects which distinguishes an action/belief from lesser and major shirk.

Lecture 2. Around 6pm.

Shaykh then began with the Book of Purification from the book Manhaj as Saalikeen... By Shaykh As Sa'di rahimahullah. This continued till maghrib and also after the Salaah.

Lecture after isha

Shaykh then provided a summary overview of the issue of menstruating women and women of post natal bleeding. Likewise the issue or istihaadah (blood flowing continuously...) was covered. What was most beneficial was this was a summary overview and Shaykh covered the major principles based on which these matters and various scenarios are governed. Very beneficial indeed.

Then after this the Shaykh wanted to ask questions to the attendees and reward them with a book - the book was the explanation of conditions of laa ilaaha illal laah authored by the Shaykh and having the introduction of Shaykh Fawzaan hafizahullaah. Several books were distributed to the attendees.

This then concluded the Shaykhs series in Markaz us Sunnah Alperton.

We then visited Cranford West London around 0130 and after resting for a while visited Masjid us Sunnah Cranford for fajr. We were blessed to meet our noble brother, friend and teacher Abu Ishaq Nadeem and we sat down for almost 3 hrs discussing about various aspects of dawah and also our Arabic Programme which we have been conducting for a while. Truly a beneficial gathering it was.

Then in the afternoon we visited Masjid as Salafi in Birmingham (Saturday afternoon) to attend Shaykhs next lesson. Shaykh delivered a lecture on verse.. Say this is my starlight path... (From Surah Yusuf). He split the verse in different parts and gave details and explanation pertaining to each part. He clarified a number of aspects and characteristics of the straight path and how the 2 main categories of deviations (shubuhaat and shahawaat) can destroy a person. This lecture was translated by our br Abu Hakeem hafizahullaah.

We then got a chance to briefly see our br Abu Khadeejah hafizahullaah and we got some very useful insight into the current Saa'fiqa fitnah.

Shortly after we met Br Abu Hakeem Bilal and briefly discussed some aspects pertaining to his series of lectures on Tafseer ibn Katheer. For those of you who don't know these series of lectures were started in Dec 2014 and till date there have been over 215 parts! And the latest part is currently covering Surah an Nisaa (4th Surah of Qur'an) - indicating the depth of coverage.. Maashaallah Allahumma baarik.

Over the course of a day or so we got to meet a number of other brothers from different parts of the country and got to share various updates.

Overall a very beneficial trip and we ask Allah azzawajal to accept this and make it a regular occurrence in our lives until we meet him. Aameen.