Leeds CCDawah

*My experience at the Leeds City Centre Dawah*

Last Saturday I got an opportunity to visit the CC Dawah stall for around 2hrs. I was truly amazed by the level of interest which is shown by the general public towards understanding and learning about Islam.

Often we read media news or see TV channels etc. And some could think that the general public is very averse to Islam and Muslims (especially to the practicing muslims who sport beard, wear hijab etc.) but reality is something else! Alhamdulillaah

Over the course of 2 hrs we saw various types of people, men, women, young, old coming and inquiring about Islam, extremism, concept of one God -

1. Individuals walking past with a smiling face and showing a thumbs up sign to the brothers

2. Individuals coming to the stall and thanking the brothers for doing this work - some even wanting to hug!

3. Individuals in their bare teens coming and saying they felt welcomed by the stall and it made it easier for them to approach and ask more about Islaam after what they had read in news or TV.

4. *Teachers from schools coming and appreciating the work brothers are doing and requesting if brothers could further assist*

5. Some mentioning that they feel sorry for brothers that they are doing this and that they know that Islam is not about extremism. They then commend the brothers for doing this job.

6. Individuals in their late sixties and seventies coming and enquiring about the belief in one God, about Prophet Jesus, about Prophet Mohammed may peace be upon them both...

It is indeed heartening to see and experience this first hand...

*Imagine If these people end up accepting Islam and then die upon it...*

Who would get that mighty reward?

The Brothers at the stall try their best to converse and convey authentic information *+* they also give out authentic literature whether that is in the form of books or pamphlets - all free of cost.

There have been many examples of people accepting Islam at their hands - Allahumma baarik.

But all this comes at a cost and sacrifice... Brothers dedicate their time n effort to set this up on a weekly basis, travel all the way, Park their vehicles at a cost and then engage with the general public - some for almost the whole day 10am to 7pm!

Likewise the materials have costs associated with development and printing.

I would highly encourage the brothers to checkout their activities on their respective websites/Twitter.

Helping them would go a long way in terms of the spread of this noble religion and removal of misconceptions in the Western Society.

10£ a month towards them may not mean much to us from financial perspective but would aid the dawah tremendously.

And note that this is a continuous operation happening every week, across 9 or 10 different major City Centres in the UK. *Huge effort*

Truly the enemies of Islam plan and Allah azzawajal plans - and Allah azzawajal is the best of planners.

We thank Allah azzawajal first foremost. Then all brothers involved (and make regular dua for them to strengthen them in this) in these activities the likes Br Aqil who has headed this initiative and assisted greatly in setting up these centres across the country.

Please see details below on how you can assist