Summaries of Lectures, Articles and Books along with link to the Audio file / bookstore

Groups & Individuals & Partisans

  1. About our brother and teacher Abu Iyyad

Dawrah Ilmiya and Dawah Events

  1. Event held in May 2017 in Bangalore, India

  2. My Experience at Leeds City Centre Dawah

  3. Meeting with Salafi brothers from Vijayawada, South India

  4. A chance to visit the Dawrah of Sh Saalim in West London and Birmingham - July 2018

Rulings Pertaining to Fighting in Islam

Current affairs and Events

  1. Atrocity committed in New Zealand 15th March 2019

  2. Protests and Demonstrations - Viewpoint of Ahlus Sunnah and Salafis

Aspects of Married Life

  1. The righteous husband - Lecture by Abu Idress at Masjid us Sunnah in Cranford, West London

  2. Upholding Marriage Series - 5 Parts - Ustaad Sh Abu Hakeem Hafizahullaah

Influence of Western Societies

Heart Softeners

  1. Twitter post: Importance of building ties of kinship and its effect on one's provisions

  2. Death of Shaykh Saalih Al Luhaydaan rahimahullah

  3. Importance of rights of Parents in Islam

Arabic Learning