3D Sketching a Lightsaber . . . (3)

Model the control box

Model the Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber

Right-Click on this image and choose Save Image as and save it to your desktop in a folder called 3D, inside a folder called Lightsaber.  You will need to make a new folders.

Right-Click on the IBL folder and Copy it.   Open your 3D Folder, Right-Click and Paste it in the 3D folder on your Desktop.  If you do not have a 3D folder on the Desktop, Right-Click on the Desktop and choose New > Folder

Move your mouse over the perspective view and tap {Space Bar}

Move your mouse over the lower left view and tap {Space Bar}

It should now look like this.  At the bottom of the screen, it should sat Front -Z

In the Front Orthographic View, choose View > Image Plane > Import Image

It should appear in the center like this.

Scale it uniformly in X, Y, & Z.  I scaled it to 3 units

Move the image in the Y-Direction so that it sits on the X-Axis.

My Translate Y changed to 8.563.  Yours will be different.

Using the primitive cylinders, build the basic shape minus the hand grip.  It should look like this.

Duplicate a Cylinder and Move & Scale it into place. 

Duplicate the Cylinder and move it on top of the last.   {CTRL} + {d} to Duplicate.

Right-Click on the Cylinder and choose Vertex

Select the top row of vertices - drag a box around them. 

Switch to the Scale Tool and move the center yellow square until it aligns with the image. 

Duplicate the modified cylinder and move it below.    {CTRL} + {d} to Duplicate.

Switch to the to the Rotate Tool and rotate the Yellow handle.  

Notice the Rotate Z changes.  Manually change the Rotate Z to 180.

Switch to the Move Tool and move it into place. 

Select all 3 objects and Duplicate them.  {CTRL} + {d} to Duplicate.

Move into place.

Repeat until you have 9 1/2 sections.

It should look something like this.

Creating the Nubs

Create a Cube.

In the Front View, position it to the right of the handle

Scale in the cube in the X-Direction to make it a little bit smaller.

Position it slightly inside the handle.

In the Side View Scale the Cube slightly in the Scale Z .

Right-Click on the Cube switch to Face Mode, Switch to the Scale tool and make that face smaller.

In the Front View Select the cube.

Press the {Insert} key to be able to move the pivot point.

While holding {X} to snap to the Grid, move the red handle to the center of the cylinder.  It will snap to the center point.  Press the {Insert} key again to deactivate the pivot point edit.

Select the Cube, press {CTRL} + {d} to duplicate it.  Switch to the Rotate Tool, grab the Yellow Handle and slightly rotate the cube.

Notice the Rotate Y changes in the Channel Box.  Change Rotate Y to 60 degrees.  

Repeat at increments of 60 degrees until you have 6 nubs.

Make the Control Box

Basically make the control box with the skills you have.  Here are some notes for one way it can be made. 

Model the Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber

Turn on Wireframe on shaded objects to see edges better.

Front View:  Create another cube.

Front View: Scale and move it into position.  (This is X-Ray Mode.)

Switch to the Side View and turn on Wireframe on Shaded.

Perspective View: It should look like this.

Front View: Duplicate the cube, move it & Scale it.  

Side View: Scale and Move Cube

Side View: Duplicate & Move cube.

Side View: Duplicate again, Move & Scale like this.

Front View: Scale it to the thickness of one bar.

Side View: Duplicate the cube 18 more times and move next to each other.

Side View: Delete every other cube

Perspective View: Create two buttons and two prisms

It should look something like this.

Setting Up the Lighting

Open File Explorer

Navigate to: This PC > (C:) Local Disk > Program  Files > Autodesk > Maya2022 > presets > Assets

Choose  Arnold > Lights > Skydome Light

Click on the Checkerboard icon next to the Color Attribute

Choose File

In the Attribute Editor select the file folder next to the Image Name Attribute.

Choose Interior1_Color.exr and then Open.

A new window will open and your scene will render.

Click the eye icon, this will take a snapshot of the render for comparison.

It should look like this.  Now test the render.  Arnold > Render

Select the IBL dome and in the Attribute Editor, scroll down until you hit the Visibility Tab.  Change Camera to '0"

The new render should now not show the background.

Right-Click on selected objects and choose Assign New Material

Choose Shader > aiStandardSurface

Choose Presets

Choose Brushed Metal > Replace

The selected section should turn Black, then rename the material "Brushed_Metal"

Now select all the other parts that use will use a Brushed Metal material.  Right-Click choose Assign Existing Material > Brushed_Metal.  NOTE: if you did not name the material, it will not be there.

Right-Click on selected objects and choose Assign New Material. Choose Shader > aiStandardSurface.  This time just choose the color black and label it "Black".

It should look something like this.

Select the top prism and choose Preset > Glass > Replace

Open the Transmission tab and change the Transmission Color to Green.  And rename the material something like 'Green_Glass'

Repeat for the lower prism and assign red glass.

Select all the the parts that make up the Lightsaber.

Combined all the parts.  Choose Mesh> Combine

It should turn green.  Activate the Rotate Tool.

Activate the Resolution Gate.  It is the white square with the blue circle.  It will crop exactly what you will see when you render.

Grab the yellow rotate handle and adjust it while zooming in, until it fills the screen.  Try to get it centered and filling the screen, while not cutting off the Lightsaber.