Challenge: Design and 3d model a robot to be printed on a 3d printer. Your design must be complex and detailed, but you must keep into consideration the 3d printing process. The robot must have articulated joints.

Robot Inspiration Board- Due: 9/27

  • Create a project page under the current school year, 2020-2021.

  • State your design objective.

  • Create a inspiration board with robot designs that you like and that could inspire your design. Add to you project page.

My Alchemy Parts - Due: 9/27

Download the "NEW" parts Zip folder Here:

Extract the folders and move them into the Alchemy shapes folder.

Create a new Indie Project page and call it Alchemy Robot EXAMPLE


If you are creating a 3d printed robot, add these designs to you 3D Printed Robot Page. EXAMPLE

Using Alchemy create various parts that can be used to inspire your robot design. Below are a collection of cool parts; it took me a while to collect them all.

My Assembled Robot Design From Parts - Due: 10/4

My Final Alchemy Inspired Robot Design - Due: 11/1

The final concept design should be done Sketchbook. Here are a few video to review some of the basics of Sketchbook.