Who Are You?

Find 20+ images that represent YOU and create Initial Interest Inspiration Board.

Create an initial “Inspiration Board” using Google Jamboard with 20-30 images that represent you or have influenced your life.  An inspiration board is a collection of images, ideas, words, blueprints, games, movies or anything that may inspire your direction.   For this assignment we will use an “Inspiration Board” to help guide the direction of your future personal project and it will help me get to know you better.  Search google, use your own images, and cross-reference your interests, hobbies,  and/or just explore.  Find at least 20-30 images.   We will be using this board for our personal portfolio.  Please watch video tutorial below.  ~Cornell

*It should look something like this.

Once your website is complete, you will add this to the front page.  

See Example Here

Please watch this video before you start . . .

Check out this quick video tutorial about using Google Jamboard and how to make an inspiration board about you.   Watch the video.  ~Cornell

Convert the Image to a Mask

With the Select Tool, select the image and press the Mask Button.

Change Border or Stroke  Color

Drop Shadow

Rounded Corners

Add Text  . . . "Your Name"