Converting a Raster image to a Vector Image.

Converting Illustration to line artwork

Find a high resolution illustration or cartoon an convert it into line artwork. Choose an image that is a traditional cartoon:

  • Black outlines

  • Solid fill colors

  • Avoid Black fill colors

  • Ideally a white background

If black is one of the main colors, it will not look like line artwork.

Something like this.

Start by making sure preview is selected at the bottom of the Image Trace window.

For this example, I changed preset to Black & White to start.

I played with Threshold to remove the shirt color. For this case, I went from 128 to 50 and the shirt color was removed.

Expand Image. This converts the Image Trace to paths or finalizes the Image Trace.

Ungroup the image. Object > Ungroup

Double click on background to go inside of the group. Select the background and hit {Delete}

Now you can select elements that you do not want and delete them. Select them and hit {Delete}.

Back to Level 1: double click on the arrow.

Marque Select your entire subject.

Copy it. {CTRL} + {c}

After United.

Paste in place the line artwork. {CTRL} + {SHIFT} + {v}

Open Layers menu and lock the line artwork layer.

Selected the United shape. Then choose Object > Path > Offset Path

Choose an appropriate offset thickness. I chose 0.9cm

IT SHOULD NOT LOOK LIKE THIS . . . make sure you lock the line artwork.

Change stroke color to Red. And cleanup any of the problem areas.

Covert all of these anchors to smooth. This will prevent burn marks when it cuts out.

Original Image

Line Artwork

Cleaned up key chain.

Converting Illustration to Stencil Artwork

Find a high resolution portrait and convert it into a stencil. This image even has a very light background making easy to remove. I highly recommend finding an image with a simple light background.

Something like this.

Paste the image into illustrator.

Open the Image Trace window.

Window > Image Trace

Change Preset to Black & White Logo

Set Ignore White

Make a complete Silhouette.

Changed Threshold from 128 to 230. *This setting worked for mine, may be different for your.

Then Expanded it.

Change the Fill Color to Transparent and the Line Color to Black.

Paste the image again.

Open the Image Trace window.

Window > Image Trace

Set Ignore white.