2012 Updates

01/13/2012: Updated and moved DCC'ing a Walthers Turntable to the DCC Projects Page.

01/30/2012: Added information about an old NY times Newspaper Article About DCC.

01/30/2012: Updated section on Telco Splitters & Telco What is RJ? & Telco Using Ethernet Cable

02/02/2012: Reorganize the DCC Problems? section to better address track power problems. More work to do.

02/01/2012: Created a Booster/DCC system Power Supplies/Xmfrs section to focus on Power Supplies.

02/02/2012: Add a section from Jim Bets on DC Syndrome. Expectations from first time DCC users.

02/03/2012: Created a Bachmann Engines page that talks about potential decoder problem.

02/03/2012: Created a 14, 28 and 128 Speed Steps page on decoder programming and history.

02/15/2012: Added a Mini Panel PowerCab Setup section to the Mini-panel page. Shows how PowerCab works with panel.

02/17/2012: Updated/Re-organized Telco Cable Topics.

02/29/2012: Major update of the section on DCC Friendly Switches/Turnouts.

02/29/2012: Updated PB110/PB205 Booster Ground Issue

03/09/2012: Updated DCC Books & Reviews

03/16/2012: Updated section on SMD LED's and soldering wires to them.

03/19/2012: Added section on 10Amp Booster & HO usage and the strict rules needed.

03/20/2012: Updated 10Amp Booster & HO section with additional information and history.

04/04/2012: Added section on how to solve Tortoise Powered Turnout Shorts

04/04/2012: Added section under Large Layout design and the tradeoffs in Distributed vs Central wiring.

04/05/2012: Updated NCE USB Adapter Limitations

04/19/2012: Major reorganization of some topics to keep the navigation bar simple. We are still under construction! Most of the changes are in the Advanced Topic Section.

04/19/2012: Updated DCC Welcome page to reflect the 4 major sections of this website.

05/15/2012: Added section on DCC Decoder Motor Drive Evolution and history.

05/16/2012: In NCE section, I added a section on NCE Autoswitch

05/16/2012: Consolidated all of the NCE accessories pages under a master NCE Accessory page.

05/20/2012: Completed section on Decoder Runaway Technical Discussion

05/30/2012: Added section on Switch-It Diode Matrix

06/01/2012: Expanded 14, 28 and 128 Speed Steps page.

06/01/2012: Added decoder problem: Headlight Blinks with Speed Changes

06/01/2012: Added decoder problem: Speed Changes with Headlight On/off

06/29/2012: Updated NCE Boosters section with more photos now covering all versions made to date.

06/29/2012: Completed section on PB110a Booster Grounding and it's special Booster Common setup issues.

06/29/2012: Cleaned up section on Booster Ground/Commons

06/29/2012: Completed section on Wangrow/SYS1 Boosters

07/03/2012: Updated NCE DCC Circuit Breakers

07/03/2012: Started section on DCC Circuit Breakers

07/03/2012: Added a technical section on Digitrax Accessory Decoders

07/21/2012: Added NCE History which includes Wangrow and Ramtraxx

07/21/2012: Updated BDL168 & BD4 False Detection/Noise

07/21/2012: Created Technical Discussion on BDL168/BD4

07/21/2012: Started Section on NCE Cabs

08/03/2012: Updated NCE DCC Systems page to show new DCC twin system.

08/03/2012: Added a section regarding Track & Frog Feeders

08/03/2012: Upgraded NCE Cabs section with photos.

08/03/2012: Upgraded Cab/Throttle Parts with photos and more information.

08/03/2012: Added DCC Brakeman page.

08/15/2012: Updated the NCE DCC Systems expanding the descriptions, features and how to chose which to get.

08/15/2012: Added Mixing Up Speed Step Modes.

08/15/2012: Added speed mode issues to the Decoder Problems?

08/15/2012: Added NCE Battery & System Backup

08/24/2012: Added PWM Motor Drive

08/24/2012: Finished first version of: Back-EMF (BEMF)

09/05/2012: Updated DCC Friendly Switches/Turnouts

09/05/2012: Updated 10Amp Booster & HO to show information specifically related to common rail wiring.

09/27/2012: Cleaned up PB110/PB205 Booster Ground Issue and Wangrow/SYS1 Boosters

09/27/2012: Added:NCE Cabs section covering all of the cabs made.

09/27/2012: Added System One and Ramtraxx Compatible Cabs section.

09/27/2012: Updated and Added PDF manuals and reviews relating to System One/Wangrow

09/28/2012: Added a section covering NCE Cab Panels

09/28/2012: Added a section covering NCE Cmd Station Software

09/28/2012: Added a section covering Decoder Programming

10/01/2012: Added a section on NCE/QSI G-Wire