Decoder Connectors

2) NMRA 9 Pin

Unlike the NMRA 8 pin, this is a true wire to board connector.

Small Plugs & Sockets

0.05" (1.27mm) plugs & sockets in 50s, useful for just about anything, and priced decently. These are the same pitch as the ones TCS sell in 2s and 6s, but vastly cheaper tho you do need to solder your own wires

Plugs: Mouser #: 575-500101 Mfr. #: 850-10-050-10-001000 Desc.: Single Row Headers .05 50 POS

Sockets: Mouser #: 575-501101 Mfr. #: 851-93-050-10-001000 Desc.: SIP Sockets 50P SIP SOCKET

1mm plugs & sockets, expensive but useful when space is tight, also in 50s.

Plugs: 575-8601005010002000 Mfr#: 860-10-050-10-002000 Desc: 1MM Pitch Header

Sockets: Mouser 575-8611305010002000 Mfr# : 861-13-050-10-002000 Desc: 1MM Pitch Socket

This section is broken down into the different NMRA decoder connectors that are used. Website links to order them are included.

1) NMRA 8 Pin

2) NMRA 9 Pin

3) NMRA 21 Pin

1) NMRA 8 Pin

The NMRA 8 pin connector which is in a 4x2 configuration is used as a wire to board (decoder) connector even though it is not designed to be used that way. It is based on a PCB board to PCB board connection system. One attribute it has is low cost and easy to get type of connectors. The down side is this connector was never designed to support wire lead connection which is how it is often used. Soldering wires to it is not a automated fast process complete with a tool and must be done by hand. Hence the high cost for a cable assembly using this connector.

The best wa

y to obtain these connectors is from electronics suppliers. One of the least expensive way to get them is to buy them in a strip, as shown in the picture on the left, and cut them down to size into the 4x2 NMRA 8 pin format.

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