NCE Cabs

This section talks about all of the version of Cab/Throttles (old and new) offered by the NCE and any additional information relating to software and hardware upgrades for them.

FYI: The name "MASTER SERIES" is a old discontinued NCE name label for it first generation DCC system. Replaced by the PowerPro name label.

Included at the very bottom is reference information about NCE compatible cabs made by other parties (SystemOne and Ramtraxx) no longer being manufactured.



In order left to right are: ProCab, Cab04e, Cab05, Cab06e, CaB02, Cab03.

RADIO SUPPORT: Except as noted, all cabs are all available in a two-way Radio versions. Just add a letter "r" after the model name when ordering the throttle. All radio equipped throttle are identified by having a LED on the top side of the throttle. The absence of an external antenna is not a reliable indicator. Latter production radio throttles have internal antenna's.

There are basically 3 classes of cabs/throttles that can be used on a NCE system.

1) ProCab. (1st Photo on the left side). Current Production.

The ProCab is a full feature LCD display cab. It comes with all NCE DCC systems because it is the only cab that access the command station functions. Likewise as just ca cab, it has the most feature and capabilities compared to any other cab. The ProCab should not be confused with the PowerCab which look exactly the same. The PowerCab is a complete entry level DCC system put inside a ProCab case. To Learn More go here:NCE PowerCab

2) Engineer Cab. Cab04/05/06 (2nd, 3rd & 4th Photo in the middle) Current Production

The Engineer cabs are stripped down ProCabs. The extra features of the ProCab (Programming & Consist Management) are removed to allow reduction in the number of buttons. The remaining cab have the minimum number of buttons required just for train operation. Train selection, speed, direction, functions 0-9 and Macros to control turnouts are supported. The Cab04/5 use a simple LED to give basic key entry status back. The Cab06 cabs come with a LED display that show locomotive address, direction, and function 0 and 1 states. (It currently does not show train speed at the time of this writing.) The cabs are broken down into the following speed control options:

3) Basic Cab. Cab02/03 (5th and 6th photos on the right side) Discontinued.

These cabs are stripped down Engineer Cab with the focus on the most basic train control of train speed control and 1 or 2 functions controlled. Specifically you cannot select any train with these cabs. A second part using a ProCab assigns the train to cab. The Cab02 uses a POT based knob control where as the Cab03 just has buttons. They both use a simple LED to give basic key entry status back. Ideally these cabs would be for the inexperienced operators such as children or operators whose big thumbs or uncontrolled curiosity can often get themselves into all kinds of trouble affecting themselves or others. There is no Radio Support for these Cabs.

Each version of the above cabs is covered in more detail below. Click the subpage link of the Cab you wish to learn more about.

COMPATIBLE CABS: The "Compatible Cabs" subpage link below covers Wangrow SYSTEM ONE & Ramfix RAMTRAXX cabs that are 100% NCE compatible.