Tortoise Myths & Issues

Below is a series of known problems associated with the Totoise that in fact unknowingly created by the installer.

1) Edge Card Connector Problems blamed on Tortoise

Here is an clear example of how this NON Tortoise problem is like a disease the continues to spread and condemns the innocent Tortoise.

1) At some point long after initial installation, the Tortoise fails to operate properly because the motor is not moving or the internal contacts are not working reliably.

2) Person ASSUMES the Tortoise is the cause and swears at the Tortoise.

3) Layout owner decides to replace it, but along the way is thanking himself for his "correct decision" to install the connector since it is now going to pay off by allowing easier replacement.

4) Owner unplugs connector (the actual problem) and replaces the perfectly good old Tortoise with a new Tortoise.

5) Old edge card connector is the plugged back on the new Tortoise properly aligned (the actual solution) and the new Tortoise now work.

6) Result meets customer expectations and feels he has mastered the problem (but he has in fact been fooled).

7) In his mind as well as in social media groups talking about tortoise, he states his position that the Tortoise are unreliable based on his results of his efforts. He makes sure everyone understands how important it is to have the connector to protect yourself against the bad Tortoise.

8) The connector recommendation is followed by other hearing his experience which in fact only make the problem worse . (Spreading the disease)

Actual Problem. Although it is true at face value the act of replacing the tortoise fixed the problem but in fact what ACTUALLY fixed the problem was removing the connector and reinstalling it correctly

The fact is tortoise fail because of obuse when installed. Two reason why.

The tortoise PCB “appears" to be design to be compatible with a very old 0.156” spacing edge card connector. But it is not and never was.

Notice the discussions about shimming and filling gaps ect to make the connector more reliable. RED FLAG. The reality is the connector does not fit correctly and easily misalign when knock around which happens accidentally and unknowingly when you work on the layout. I know of one large layout were they were used ( about 300) of the connectors are being removed and replace with solder wire connections. The initial blame was placed on the tortoise but further investigation showed the failure was the connector itself. When solder connections replace the connector, none of the troublesome tortoise motor have failed since.

1) One manually moves the motor by pushing on the side of the black actuator. But the black actuator is being held in place by the contract springs behind it such that when one compresses the black are back inside the tortoise body as part of the attempt to move it into position without power, you damage the contacts. They lose compression.