Advanced Topics

This section is about looking at advanced DCC discussion topics. YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW THIS INFORMATION TO ENJOY DCC. The two class of topics cover here are:

1) Programming Related

2) Electrically Related.

With respect to the MOST COMMON DCC ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS with track or wiring, I strongly suggest you look at this website first:

This website generally intentionally tries to avoiding a complex technical discussion while providing solutions. However it does offer some limited Advanced Topics.

However there are times where people simply do not believe or understand the nature of the problems and why the solutions work. They have to see to believe. Other times people have more in depth questions in which the answers to are too complex to easily explain in a couple of paragraphs. In other words, its time to work under the hood and get greasy. That is where this section of my website comes into play. Read it only if you interested.

Below is a list of subpages with various advanced topics. It is my hope that you will find answers to difficult issue here.