All NCE systems that accepted AC input as a valid power source used a built in step down switching power supply to generated a regulated track voltage and define/limit the booster current to it current rating.

In the Best, Better and Accepatble columns are model numbers of various power supply model numbers from various manufactures.


Pxxx series is a NCE Brand Power supply.

PSxxx series is a Digitrax Brand Power Supply.

MFxxx series is a DCC Specialties Brand Power Supply.

To learn more about the specific Power Supply model names and specification listed below, go here: DCC Power Supplies/Xmfrs (US)

Last Table Update: 3/16/2013

Not recommended means the power supply will not satisfy the booster's voltage requirements even though it has the current capability.


1) The PowerCab can support higher current (3A) than allowed by the provided DC power supply if you have Version 1.65 software installed. It will still protect itself if there is a current overload. However, the PowerCab will get hot under a continuous short circuit event. I do not recommend using 3A power supply. Stick with the provided power supply and if you need more power, upgrade to a SB5.

2) The PB205 is a dual 5A boosters in a single box that NCE no longer makes. It uses a single 10A external power supply. Inside the box, this power feeds a common internal track voltage regulating power supply. The track voltage regulating power supply is then shared with both boosters.

3) The PB205a is a dual 5A boosters in a single box that NCE no longer makes. It uses two independent 5A power supplies, one for each booster. The PB205a is literally 2 PB105's in a single box. Nothing is electrically shared between the two booster other than the common metal case which also serves as the booster common connection between the two boosters.

4) The PS2012 should be used in the HO scale voltage mode.

5) The PS2012 should be used in the G scale voltage mode.

6) The Digitrax PS315 will require modification by removal of the 2.5mm Round plug and exposing bare wires for connection.

7) The YC52 is a special two-way splitter (Y) cable that take a single input and provides two outputs with each output protected by a set of 5A thermally self resetting fuse (Poly Fuses). No need to buy replacement fuses. The cable is sold by Digitrax and available separately. However, it is included with every Digitrax PS2012 power supply.

8) There is no need to purchased another power supply. Use the one that is provided with the booster. If a replacement is needed, contact NCE.