User Interface: DT40x vs ProCab Throttles


Bruce Pretera just recently put up a detail video comparison of these two types of throttles in action. To see his video, go here:

DT400/402 -vs- ProCab/Procab Radio -Video Comparison

This page is about comparing the two full featured throttles so one can see the difference between them in terms of what the use sees and does to control trains or program something.


I work on many clubs or private layouts that have both Digitrax and NCE clubs. The biggest issue in any club is the DCC technical support requirements for the operators at the club. I get questions from both type of systems on how to do things. My observation has been that NCE operators typically have far fewer questions because on a NCE layout typically I have more time on my hands to actually operates trains instead of helping everyone else run theirs.


The USER/OPERATOR interface offered by the throttles to new or challenged operators.

Like what? Things like:

1) How to select a engine to run a train and keep it operating.

2) Then there is the issue where they get confused which DT400 knob they need to use while operating the train....they forget.

These are all related to the USER interface issues provided by the Throttle. Hence the purpose of this comparison.


Dual Knobs: There is the issue of the two knobs on the DT40x. A person coming from a DC layout will always ask why two knobs and which one do I use. Then there is the dual display with two engine numbers confuse the new operator. Scanning for the first numbers/icons they wish to see, they sometimes look on the wrong side of the display for information.

LCD Display Quality: Then there is the issue of just reading the LCD display. The smaller font and use of small Icons on the DT400 make is hard to read by people with poor eyesight.

TLA Usage: When doing something other than operations on the DT40x, the 2 letter mode abbreviations in center of the LCD display are cryptic. The limited character display means more abbreviations and less complete phrases to guide the person.