DIP Switch Cab Address

Many older discontinued versions of the small or ENGINEER cabs made by NCE, Wangrow (System One) and Ramtraxx have the cab address set by a Dip Switch located behind the rear cover.

What is a Dip Switch?A Dip switch sort of looks like a IC or "chip" but it has 8 miniature switches that work just like a on-off switch. In fact in the picture on the very top you can see the word "ON" on the top left. If you look at all 8 switches, numbered 1 to 8 on the bottom, they are all set to the ON position.You can move any given switch to the OFF position by sliding the switch down towards the switches number below. It is best to use a small metal screw driver to do this since the switches are not designed to be easily knocked out of position intentionally.When you open up the cab cover on the back, you will see set of Dip 8 Switches mounted on the PCB board that looks just like the photo on the left.


Below is the table of the cab address and the dip switch position setting you need to set to give the cab this address. The cab address is set by moving the position of these tiny switches up or down into the pattern that matches the cab address you want.

In the left column under "Addr" is the Cab "Address" numbered 1 to 48. Look down this column till you find the cab address you want for the cab.

To the right of the numbered address is physical switch position indications. Each switch has two positions. UP (•) and DOWN (dn). You need to move each tiny dip-switch to the up or down position so it matches the cab address you want.

The numbers accross the very top are not important. They just show the binary weight each switch carries in making up the cab address.