Making Your Own

Purchasing Twisted Pair wiring in large gauge sizes is very difficult. The only color pair I have seen is Red/Blk and it comes in the form of a Plenum cable which means it comes with a outer plastic sleeve protective covering.

No one sells large gauge twisted pair wire without a protective sleeve/cover.

No one sell large gauge twisted pair in multiple pair colors.

Solution: Make your own using the wire gauge and colors you want. Least expensive option and most flexible.

Tools Required.

1) Vise or hook secured in a stud.

2) Variable Speed Drill.

Steps to make twisted pair

1) Measure the length you need to run the wires.

2) Add 15% to the length making it a bit longer than what you need.

3) Cut both wires to the same length.

4) Take each wire and match up the two end to each other and place them in the vise. Or tied them to the hook securely using a strong knot.

5) Starting from the vise end, stretch out the two wires side by side and lay them on the ground working your way to the opposite end. The goal is to match the two wire lengths so they will lay side by side to each other over the run lenght removing any knots of kinks in the wires.