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This is a growing DCC website free of commercials. I value no spam. However the problem with being commercial free, Google limits my website space.TEMPORAILY OUT OF WEBSITE SPACE. MOVING THE NCE INFO TO SUB WEBSITE.

I do the work, content creation or management when I find the time.

NAVIGATION BAR NOTE: On the left is the series of topics names in a "navigation sidebar". If you notice there is also a small triangle to the left of the topic name. A triangle means there are subtopics which can be accessed/expanded by clicking it to see them. Click it again to collapse (close) it back down to hide the subtopics. It is a good idea to do this when your done with a subtopic to keep the navigation window simple. The topic title that is highlighted with a gray background is the current window your looking at.

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Welcome Visitors. This website is broken into 4 parts:

1) BASIC DCC TOPICS: If the word "DCC" is the first word in the topic name, then the topic is intended for beginners. It contains the popular DCC clinics that are often presented at NMRA related events and lots of reference information to learn more about DCC.

2) ADVANCE TOPICS: The Advanced topic section is not intended for DCC beginners. Why? I fear it may mislead one into thinking DCC is to complicated to use which is NOT what I want to communicate nor necessarily true. DCC was designed to be a robust system for a "typical home layout" and most people will not experience any problems. Go have fun!

3) NCE INFO: Historical and technical information on NCE DCC products. Source of NCE information beyond what the website or on-line manuals offer. This includes some history with System One (Wangrow) & Ramtrax(x) partners and their compatible products.

4) PART SOURCES AND INFO: Information on all sorts of parts used for model railroading and DCC. Everything from making your own DCC cables to using LEDs for headlights.


If you are new to DCC and/or want to learn more about DCC, then go to straight to the DCC clinic page link shown above and start with downloading the DCC Basics clinic and go on to the others as needed. Those clinics are all about basic DCC education.


Going beyond the NMRA DCC clinics is what this website is all about. It is built in a reference format where if you have a specific topic in mind you first start by picking the general topic heading and navigate your way down to the more specific topic heading under it. Remember to click on the small navigation triangle to dig down to the subtopics below! To back out, click the triangle again to roll back up. Exploring is encouraged simply to see how things are organized and of course the navigation bar on the left will let you know where you are at any time.

OTHER DCC Websites that I recommend that cover the MORE COMMON topics and solutions to DCC problems. My website's goals (see below) does not compete with these sites (I support them!!).

1) Common Topics: http://www.members.optusnet.com.au/nswmn2/DCC.htm

Although NCE centric, there is a ton of information that is not.

2) Wiring: http://www.wiringfordcc.com/track.htm

3) For EASY Decoder Programing use the FREE PROGRAM called : JMRI Decoder Pro


1) The primary focus of this website is to provide a reference place that addresses more advance DCC topics to help people solve more complex problems for any brand of DCC. Most of these topics are targeted for LARGE and/or a very advanced DCC layouts. To learn more about that, click: What is a large Layout? To understand the "how and why" a given solution works, it often requires one to understand the nature of the whole problem. That involves a technical (Nuts and Bolts) discussion since DCC is by definition a technical subject. Despite that, it is my goal to make the complexity as easy to understand as possible.

2) A reference site for some "How To" or "Do It Yourself" type projects related to DCC

3) A reference site primariy for NCE products and information (History).

4) Website information on some layouts that do not have a website of their own that I work on.