NCE DCC Circuit Breakers

NCE has two Electronic Breakers (EB) which is it's name for a DCC Circuit Breaker device. They are the EB1 (Left photo) and the EB3 (Right Photo).

DCC Circuit Breaker History

If you want to know what a First Generation DCC circuit breaker is versus a 2nd Generation and the history that goes with that go here: DCC Circuit Breakers

NCE DCC Circuit Breakers

The EB3 was NCE DCC First generation DCC circuit breaker. However, NCE has discontinued the older EB3 circuit breaker due to it incompatibility when working with multiple sound decoder'd engines. NCE replaced it with the EB1 which is a second generation DCC circuit breaker.

However, discontinuation of a a given product (EB3) does not mean the product has disappeared from your local hobby shops shelves. So one can still buy a brand new EB3 even though is been discontinued for years.

Below are two sections on each "EB" board talking about how to get the most out of each with respect to working with multiple sound decoders. Click on the one you wish to know more about.