Atlas DCC Loco Lineup


1) Motor Isolated?: Motor terminals are electrically isolated from metal frame NO advanced and/or challenging electrical-mechnical modifications are required to allow the motor to connect to a DCC decoder safely and correctly. In other words, not very hard to add DCC decoder to the locomotive.

2) DCC Support?: What level of DCC support is offered?

a) "None" means it was designed and sold as a DC only locomotive. DCC upgrading will require manual effort which is easier done if one uses an "Atlas Format" DCC decoder.

b) "DCC Ready" means it has a DCC socket ready for a plug and play DCC decoder.

c) Decoder included. Description of type listed.

3) DCC socket? What type of DCC decoder socket does the engine come with?

NMRA 8 pin DCC socket. Industry standard socket. From the factory, the Socket comes with a 8 pin plug that allows the locomotive to run in DC mode until the decoder is installed. You must remove the 8 pin plug to install the decoder.

4) Decoder Options. What type of DCC decoders will fit into the locomotive?

a) NMRA 8 Pin socket. The PCB inside locomotive will accept a DCC decoder with a NMRA 8 pin plug that will fit the locomotive. You must buy a DCC decoder with a 8 pin plug that will fit the locomotive. Contact your DCC decoder manufacture for proper selection for the make and model of the engine.

b) Atlas Format Decoder. This an advanced upgrade option that can result in a much better fit and/or functions including sound. An "Atlas Format Decoder" is a DCC decoder who physical design allows one to "replace" the existing factory PCB while still using the existing factory electrical wiring. Takes up less space than using the 8 Pin plug decoder option.