Decoder Addressing

This section talks about the various types of Decoder Addressing used in DCC and the confusion they can create.

There are 5 types used in DCC.

1) Short Addresses

2) Long Addresses

3) Consist Addresses

4) Global Address

5) Accessory Addresses.

1-4 are used on locomotive (Mobile) decoders and # 5 is used on DCC accessory (Stationary) decoders.

Loco Address Confusion attempts to show you have different DCC system handle the type types of Decoder Addressing. This can help anyone get a hand on the issue that crop up especially if you move engines from one DCC system to another.

For more information go here: Loco Address Confusion

Decoding DCC Addresses is a VERY TECHNICAL discussion on the nuts and bolts of decoder addressing at the DCC level of communication. It is not necessary that one read this in anyway to used DCC. It was written to help explain how things work and why the long address range is what it is.

For more information go here:Decoding DCC Addresses

Short Address Zero This address is not allowed to be used by the user as a valid locomotive address. However it is sometimes used for control of DC Locomotives on DCC track.

See DC Loco on DCC