Lesson 4

Future Computers!

In this unplugged lesson, students will first learn around sensors and how they provide input for computers. Then, they will design a "future computer" by combining an everyday object with a sensor and an on/off button.


  1. Ask: What are the input and output devices we learned about in the last class?
  2. Activity: Learning about Computer Sensors
  3. Activity: My Future Computer
  4. Reflection & Close-Out:
    • What are our 5 senses? Do computers have senses too?
    • What types of input do computer sensors collect? How might a computer use or output this data?
    • What part of the "future computer" you created today are you most proud of?



computer science: a field in which people use the power of computers to solve big problems

sensor: a device that collects input to help the computer respond to the world around it

Additional Resources


CA CSS: K-2.CS.2 Explain the functions of common hardware and software components of computing systems.