Lesson 1

Ruby's Algorithms

Lesson Overview

In this unplugged lesson, students will be introduced to Ruby, a little girl who goes on a big adventure while learning about computer science concepts. They will then learn about algorithms and the importance of sequence through a variety of activities.


  1. Ask: Describe an adventure you have gone on.
  2. Read: Hello Ruby Ch. 1-3 (p. 6-23)
  3. Activity: Bossy Little Ruby (from p. 71 in Hello Ruby)
  4. Activity: Hello Ruby Map Algorithms
  5. Reflection & Close-Out:
    • What tasks did you create algorithms for today?
    • What was challenging about creating algorithms for Ruby today?


  • Hello Ruby book or PDF (SFUSD log-in required)
  • projector, connected to a computer (if using the PDF)
  • Map Algorithms Activity


algorithm: steps to complete a task

computer science: using the power of computers to solve problems and express ourselves


CA CSS: K-2.AP.10 Model daily processes by creating and following algorithms to complete tasks.

Additional Resources

Teacher-Created Resources

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