Lesson 12

Bee-Bot Challenges!

Students will engage in a final Bee-Bot challenge connected either to literacy instruction (CVC rhyming words) or math instruction (addition and subtraction), utilizing the 4 team roles to facilitate taking turns and sharing.


  1. Ask: I found a bug in a program by _____.
  2. Review: Bee-Bot Team Roles
  3. Bee-Bot Challenges choose one:
  4. Reflection & Close-Out:
      • What is one success you had while working on the Bee-Bot challenges today?
      • What is something or someone you would like to celebrate today?


  • Bee-Bots, 1 for each group of 4 students
  • yellow Bee-Bot Command Cards (1 set per Bee-Bot being used) small / large
  • Bee-Bot mats, 1 per robot used
  • CVC Rhyming Words and/or Numbers mat cards
  • Bee-Bot team roles lanyards (all 4 roles)
  • Dice (optional, for addition/subtraction game)


debug: find and fix errors (bugs) in programs

decomposition: breaking down a problem into smaller pieces

program: a set of instructions written in a language that a computer understands

sequence: a set of instructions that follow one another in order

Additional Resources


CA CSS: K-2.AP.12 Create programs with sequences of commands and simple loops, to express ideas or address a problem.

CA CSS: K-2.AP.13 Decompose the steps needed to solve a problem into a sequence of instructions.

CA CSS: K-2.AP.14 Develop plans that describe a program's sequence of events, goals, and expected outcomes.

CA CSS: K-2.AP.16 Debug errors in an algorithm or program that includes sequences and simple loops.