Lesson 16

Old Macdonald's Farm

Students create an animated scene as the culminating project to the first ScratchJr unit module. They will review the concepts and programming blocks that they have learned, and then they will program the scene of Old Macdonald’s farm, where the various farm animals each have their own movement and actions programmed by students.


  1. Ask: What did you use the green flag to do when programming in ScratchJr last class?
  2. Unplugged Mini-Lesson: ScratchJr Simon Says Part 2: Multiple Moves (optional)
  3. ScratchJr Mini-Lesson: using the jump, initialization, and the green recording blocks
  4. Independent Work Time: Old Macdonald's Farm
  5. Reflection & Close-Out:
    • What is one success you had while programming in ScratchJr today?
    • What were you able to make your cat (or other character) do today?



  • event: an action that causes something to happen
  • program: a set of instructions written in a language that a computer understands
  • sequence: a set of instructions that follow one another in order

Additional Resources


  • CA CSS: K-2.CS.1 Select and operate computing devices that perform a variety of tasks accurately and quickly based on user needs and preferences.
  • CA CSS: K-2.CS.2 Explain the functions of common hardware and software components of computing systems.
  • CA CSS: K-2.AP.12 Create programs with sequences of commands and simple loops to express ideas or address a problem.