Lesson 2

Ruby's Dance Loops

In this unplugged lesson, students will be introduced to the computer science concepts of loops as Ruby begins her journey to find the five gems. Students will then participate in fun, engaging, and active unplugged activities to further explore loops.


  1. Ask: What do you remember about Ruby from last class?
  2. Read: Hello Ruby Ch. 4-5 (p. 24-37)
  3. Activity: Ruby's Dance Loops
  4. Reflection & Close-Out:
    • What things did Ruby’s friends do that are things computer scientists also do?
    • What did you use a loop to create today?


  • Hello Ruby book or PDF (SFUSD log-in required)
  • projector, connected to a computer
  • Dance Loops cards / activity sheet
  • glue sticks or tape


algorithm: steps to complete a task

computer science: using the power of computers to solve problems and express ourselves

loop: repeat a sequence of instructions

Additional Resources


CA CSS: K-2.AP.10 Model daily processes by creating and following algorithms to complete tasks.

CA CSS: K-2.AP.12 Create programs with sequences of commands and simple loops, to express ideas or address a problem.