Lesson 20


Kindergarteners show-off their programming skills with a culminating project: a multi-page nonfiction piece that teaches the user facts about a favorite person, place, or pet!


    • Warm-up: Pick a favorite person, place, or pet. Brainstorm two or more facts to animate. (10 minutes)
    • Main Activity: Students animate one fact per page. They may experiment with advancing the page using red End Blocks. (15 minutes)
    • Debrief: Student project showcase and/or gallery walk in Presentation Mode. (10 minutes)


  • Tablets: 1-2 per pair of students
  • Physical items to photograph and import as sprites (optional)


  • blocks - a visual unit of code
  • initialize - to set a computer program to a starting position, value, or configuration
  • sprite - a virtual object, animal, or person that a programmer controls with code

Additional Resources


  • CA CSS K-2. DA. 7 - Store, copy, search, retrieve, modify, and delete information using a computing device, and define the information stored as data.
  • CA CSS K-2. AP. 14 - Develop plans that describe a program’s sequence of events, goals, and expected outcomes.
  • CA CSS K-2. AP. 15 - Give attribution when using the ideas and creations of others while developing programs.
  • CA CSS K-2. AP. 16 - Debug errors in an algorithm or program that includes sequences and simple loops.
  • CA CSS K-2. AP. 17 - Describe the steps taken and choices made during the iterative process of program development.