Bee-Bot Resources

Bee-Bot is a robot designed for use by young children. The colorful, easy-to-operate, and friendly little robot is a perfect tool for teaching sequencing, estimation, problem-solving, and just having fun! It was inspired by Seymour Papert’s robot turtles and LOGO programming language.

Below are links to the materials that can be used to create interdisciplinary activities and lessons using Bee-Bot robots. Additional resources will be added as they are created.

📚 Language Arts

Nursery Rhyme Story Sequences mat cards / lesson

Fairy Tale Story Sequences mat cards / lesson

The Very Hungry Bee-Bot (Caterpillar) mat / lesson

Bug Dance lesson

Drawing letters cards / lesson

Consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words mat cards

A-Z letters mat cards

Hello Ruby mat cards / lesson

🔢 Math

Drawing numbers cards / lesson

Numbers / operators / dice mat cards

Shape / Color / Size mat cards / lesson

US Coins mat cards / lesson

Dominoes mat cards

Telling Time mat cards

Multiplication Bingo mat cards

🔬 Science

Life Cycle Sequences mat cards / lesson

💻 Computer Science

Hello Ruby Parts of the Computer mat cards / lesson

Black Pioneers in Computer Science mat cards images / text

Incredible Women in Computer Science mat cards

🐝General Bee-Bot Resources

Blue-Bot Instructional Guide

Bee-Bot command cards small / large

Bee-Bot job roles lanyard cards / poster