Collaborative Leadership

Building and maintaining effective Community School partnerships requires dedicated time and ongoing attention to the collaborative process. This checklist focuses on the process of bringing partners together and working to achieve desired results.

What is it?

School and CBO leadership strategically organize resources and share leadership so that services are integrated into the fabric of the schools. Resource alignment ensures that robust programming, classes, activities, and supports are strategically delivered to students and drive toward the school’s results and goals.

How Does a Community School Do It?

CBO and school staff meet quarterly to use data for continuous improvement; they use the data to make decisions about student needs, collaboratively budget funds, and define SMART goals in the CEP.

What Does it Take?

Trust among School Staff and Partner Staff.

Clear Vision


Neutral Facilitation

Regularly Scheduled Meetings

Collaboratively Developed Budget

Defined Data Driven Benchmarks

Community Engagement

Collaborative Decision Making

Ongoing Feedback

Shared Resources

Results Focused

Clear Roles and Responsibilities