Hotspots through Public Libraries

What is this partnership?

With the Public Library systems of NYC (NY, Queens, Brooklyn), Community Schools are distributing up to 5,000 wireless hotspots. These devices provide FREE internet, and are perfect for connecting families who don't have access at home. Families can "check out" a WiFi hotspot from their local library to keep for the entire school year.

The program is open to parents and caregivers with public library cards who:

  • Are at least 18 years old and support a child in a New York City public school (students who are 18 may borrow on their own)
  • Have no household Internet access at the time of sign-up;
  • Have a valid adult library card with less than $15 fines in fines

To find out more, you can visit the library system in your borough:

How do I connect my families to these hotspots?

There are 75+ libraries participating throughout NYC with hotspots available for distribution.


Check out the map below to find the nearest library to your school.


Hotspots are distributed during normal library hours. Check your local library for their operating hours.

Additional Support Materials for Schools:

We’ve already prepared translated outreach announcements for families that are ready for you to send home.

Libraries have also created flyers to help advertise this project: