Silicone CS-16002 Silicone elastomer gel

SILICONE CS-16002 Silicone Elastomer Gel
Crosspolymer of isododecane (and) Dimethicone/Vinyldimethicone [INCI/CTFA]

- Volatility
- Crosspolymer of isododecane (and) Dimethicone/Vinyldimethicone 

- Excellent silky, non-sticky touch 
- Good spreading properties. 

DESCRIPTIONS:  Silicone CS-16002 is a kind of translucent silicone elastomer gel with very good spreading properties. It can be applied in skin-care, color cosmetics and W/O cream. This product has slight specific odor, with high content of silicone elastomer. So it will become more viscous if long time storage. While under shearing or pressing, the product will turn sparse; but it is not a matter of out of quality. 

Appearance: Light yellow to translucent cream
Penetration degree (1/10mm): 270~430        
Non-volatile content (%): ≥14  

APPLICATION: Available in many personal care products: 
- Skin care
- Antiperspirant
- Sun care

Emulsion: First mix the product with oil and stir to uniform, then slowly add water into the oil phase as you rapidly stirring. Faster stirring speed will ensure a better stability of the emulsion system; adding of water can increase viscosity. In addition, adding of 0.5~2% of NaCl into the water phase can increase the storage stability; if there is no solid content in the formula, you can operate processing under room temperature. 

PACKAGING: Silicone CS-16002 is available in 15Kg plastic pails or 160Kg iron drums.

STORAGE AND TRANSPRORT: Silicone CS-16002 is non-dangerous product. In storage and transportation, prevent from the exposure of moisture, acids, alkalis, the sun and rain directly. The product has at least 12 months shelf life from the date of production at room temperature in seal-tight condition. The storage temperature could not be over 60 Celsius.

CAUTIONS: This product is neither tested nor suggested in the medical and pharmaceutical applications.