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The Science for Life Hub is a Professional Learning Community based in Islington, with a yearly action plan put together by our partner teachers. Through our half termly SfL Hub meetings, collaborative events and CPD opportunities we aim to develop science teaching, learning and enrichment in all of our schools.

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ExpeRimental - fun, easy, cheap science experiments for home from The Royal Institution. 

'Do try this at home' -  fun activities with demonstration videos

IOP Family Day - secrets of the atom were uncovered!

Students talk with real scientists The online activity is running from 20 April to 17 July during school closures. 

Science continues in Lab_13 for children of Key Workers.

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film canister rockets

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shadow puppets


Read responses from teachers who have taken part in Science for Life online professional development.

If you were an engineer, what would you do?

suitable for primary and secondary pupils

Primary Leaders Award

Science Fun at Home

activities from Science Sparks and the Primary Science Teaching Trust

useful websites for parents and teachers - keeping curious minds engaged with science

 Centre for Industry Education Collaboration - parent- friendly blogs to join in

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Don't tip the ship

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Memory Masters

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Soap and surface tension

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Surviving Antarctica

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Spaghetti Structures

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Cool Science Tricks

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Paper Aeroplanes