The Olav Tryggvason fountain is a water clock (a clepsydra)

Sokkelen på Olavsstatuen er et vannur

See the small streams at three, six, nine and twelve o‘ clock.

The shelf around the statue of Olav Tryggvason now has a new level and the fountains, which are shaped as a water clock, supplement the sundial. The water goes in a circle around the shelf, running out in small stams at three, six, nine and twelve o‘ clock. The fountain spray nozzles mark every hour and half hour, moving in a circle around the statue. Every hour the fountain shows the time through spraying the most water closest to the pillar‘s shadow. The fountain is also a winter fountain. District heating heats the water in the fountain, in the deck around it and on the watery surface. During the winter, the water clock is turned off to prevent spillage and ice formation. The granite used in the fountain is brown Larvicitis (antique).

(Photographer: Glen Musk)