Granite furnishings, warm benches and technical infrastructure


Solid granite furnishings

The large furnishings with trees or flowers in them are made of granite. These furnishings provide many with a place to sit, while at the same time not seeming empty when there are less people in town. Through their simple and repetitive form, the furnishings help to provide calmness on the surface of the Town Square. The detailing and treatment on the surface help to provide a sense of substantiality and quality. Nidaros Cathedral, which frequently uses the ‘axe’ surface in stone, inspired the treatment of the broadest benches.

Granite can be cold to sit on when the temperature is low. For this reason, we have incorporated wooden seats and heated seats of marble into the granite furnishings. The white marble seats look cold, but one can heat them with district heating, providing those who sit down on them with an unexpected experience. They will also be free of snow when the other furnishings are snow-covered.

Things are simple to arrange

Those who host arrangements at the Town Square have easy access to electricity and cable outlets, water, drains, the internet and various plug-in-and-play solutions. The outlets are in the granite furnishings and in utility cabinets and troughs in the Town Square and street utility trenches. Some of the utility troughs also relate to buildings at the Town Square, so that one can easily set up outdoor table service.

Strømuttak i granittmøbel
Kulvert under bakken på Torvet

Underground culvert

As we do not want to have to dig up the newly laid Town Square for many years to come, we have built a walkable underground culvert, which houses water, drainage, electricity, telecommunications and district heating infrastructure. In each of the street utility trenches leading to the Town Square, we have built underground technical rooms housing infrastructure for electricity and telecommunications, electrical and telecommunications installations for arrangements, snow-melting installations, fountain installations, etc. We also built a new and modern electrical station with several transformers for the high-voltage grid, as well as two diversion pools for managing great downpours.