Seating and vegetation

Blomsterbinding på Torvet

Room for everyone

At the new Town Square, we have arranged for a great amount of varied public seating in the most attractive places, where there is the most sunlight and little wind. There are benches both with and without backrests and armrests, as well as chairs, tables and long benches with long tables. The goal is for everyone to find a suitable place to sit down. Altogether, there are towards a thousand public places to sit in the Town Square and Kongens Gate, if one includes the granite furnishings, the plinth below the statue of Ólafr Tryggvason and the edge of the Town Square stage.

Fresh and lush

Trees and plantings in the granite furnishing help to provide warmth, freshness and lushness to the Town Square, which is a large urban space requiring clear tools to achieve this end. We planted 21 trees of the hornbeam variety (Carpinus betulus), which is a traditional urban tree. It is not a normal tree in Trondheim and will be a bit exotic, with its withered leaves hanging on it through the winter. Around the trees, we planted Anglo-Japanese Yew (Taxus x media ‘Hicksii’) shrubs, 790 in all. We cut them to a height that provides a little shelter, while at the same time not preventing one from having an overview of the rest of the Town Square. The Anglo-Japanese Yew has a fine green colour to it throughout the entire year, providing the Town Square with a sense of lushness in both the summer and the winter. We planted seasonal flowers in an L-shape around the Anglo-Japanese Yew.

Trær på Torvet