Netherlands route list

Last updated 20-1-2007

Added Den Haag and Rotterdam s numbers 1-10-2011



1- and 2-d numbers Usually motorways, often E roads, almost always indicated on signs.

3-d numbers under 400 (197-383) Generally provincial highways. Few motorways. Usually signposted, except for numbers introduced in 1993.

197 - 200 are recent additions, originally all numbers were higher than 200. 3 - d numbers over 400 Only N roads. Zone system per province with some exceptions at borders. Generally not through built - up areas. Source: Wegenkaart Rijkswaterstaat 1:250000 Remark: Motorways wuth a 1- or 2-d number and the A348 have exit numbers.

Recreational road numbers


All roads meet the N347 at a point further south as the numbers increase.

Westerschouwen (part of municipality Schouwen-Duiveland)

Street names in italics

City roads Only in Amsterdam, Almere, Den Haag and Rotterdam.


All roads 101-118 meet the A10. Exits on the A10 are numbered according to the s road they give access to. Street names in italics


All roads are linked to the A6.

Den Haag

Most numbers S10[1-9] link the inner and outer rings. Numbers increase in counterclockwise order from the east.


S1[01][0-9] numbers generally link the inner ring to the motorway ring (A15 - A16 - A20 - A4).

S12[0-9] are lateral connections. Back to the Netherlands