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France Autoroutes

Last updated 2-5-2015

B numbers existed until around 1985. These were used for second class motorways. They were usually close to the A road with the same number, but A and B numbers did not form an integrated system. There were also similar C, F, G and H numbers.

There are some single carriageway motorways and there used to be even a road with level corssings with an A number (the A660).

Current numbers are marked in red.

number description remarks
A1 Paris - Lille
A2 A1 - Valenciennes - Belgium
A3 Paris (east) - A1
A4 Paris - Strasbourg
A5 Evry - Troyes - Langres
A5a Changed to A5 Former western link between A5 and N104, still on signs
A5b Changed to A105 Former northern link between A5 and N104, still on signs
A6 Paris - Lyon
A6a Western link between A6 and Boulevard Péripherique
A6b Eastern link between A6 and Boulevard Péripherique
A7 Lyon - Marseille
A8 A7 - Aix-en-Provence - Nice - Italy
A9 Orange - Perpignan - Spain
A10 Paris - Bordeaux
A11 A10 - Chartres - Nantes
A12 A13 - Montigny-le-Bretonneux
A13 Paris - Caen Under construction to Bayeux
A14 Nanterre - A13
A15 Paris - Pontoise
A16 l'Isle-Adam - Dunkerque - Belgium
A17 -
A18 -
A19 Sens - A6
A20 Vierzon - Montauban Derived from N20
A21 Liévin - Lens - Douai - Denain N455 upgraded in 2009
A22 Lille - Belgium (A14) Gap N227
A23 Lille - Valenciennes
A24 - Formerly planned Amiens - Lille
A25 Lille - Dunkerque
A26 Calais - Troyes
A27 Lille - Belgium (A8)
A28 Abbeville - Rouen - Le Mans - Tours Gap in Rouen
A29 A13 - Le Havre - Amiens - Saint-Quentin Gap Pont de Normandie (N1029)
A30 Uckange - Aumetz (- Longwy)
A31 Luxembourg - Metz - Beaune
A32 Changed to A320/A4
A33 Nancy - Lunéville
A34 Reims - Charleville-Mézières Various gaps: N51 to be upgraded
A35 Germany - Strasbourg - Mulhouse - Switzerland Gap Sélestat - Colmar: N83
A36 Beaune - Mulhouse - Germany
A37 Changed to A31/A311
A38 Pouilly-en-Auxois - Dijon
A39 Dijon - Bourg-en-Bresse
A40 Macon - Saint-Gervais-les-Bains
A41 Genève (CH) - Chambéry - Grenoble Gap in Chambéry: N201
A42 Lyon - Pont-d'Ain
A43 Lyon - Modane Gap in Chambéry: N201
A44 -
A45 Changed to A450 First changed to A457
A46 Lyon eastern bypass Gap: part N346 to be upgraded
A47 Givors - Saint-Chamond
A48 A43 - Grenoble
A49 (Valence -) Romans-sur-Isère - Voreppe
A50 Marseille - Toulon
A51 Grenoble - Monestier-de-Clermont // Gap - Marseille Gap in Aix-en-Provence: N296 and D7N
A52 A8 - Aubagne
A53 Changed to A520 First changed to A521
A54 Nîmes - Salon-de-Provence Gap near Arles, N113; formerly near Toulon, changed to A57
A55 Marseille - Martigues
A56 Changed to N1569
A57 Toulon - Le Luc
A58 -
A59 -
A60 -
A61 Narbonne - Toulouse
A62 Bordeaux - Toulouse Formerly north of Bordeaux, changed to A10
A63 Bordeaux - Biarritz - Spain Gap Belin-Béliet - Dax: N10
A64 Toulouse - Pau - Briscous (- Bayonne)
A65 Langon (A62) - Pau (A64)
A66 Toulouse (A61) - Foix Former A66 changed to A660
A67 Changed to A77
A68 Toulouse - Albi Replaces N88, formerly A88
A69 -
A70 Changed to A77 First changed to A67
A71 Orléans - Clermont-Ferrand
A72 Balbigny - Saint-Etienne Changed to A89 between Clermont-Ferrand and Balbigny
A73 -
A74 -
A75 Clermont-Ferrand - Millau - Béziers Completed in 2010
A76 -
A77 Nemours - Nevers Section Nevers - Moulins - Roanne to be upgraded from N7
A78 -
A79 -
A80 -
A81 Le Mans - Laval
A82 Nantes - Brest Planned upgrade of N165
A83 Nantes - Niort
A84 Caen - Rennes Completed in 2003
A85 Angers - Tours - Vierzon
A86 Ring Paris Completed in 2011
A87 Angers - Cholet Section in Angers being upgraded from N260
A88 Falaise - Sées To be extended to Caen; former A88 changed to A68
A89 Bordeaux - Clermont-Ferrand - Lyon Section Balbigny - Lyon under construction, Clermont-Ferrand - Balbigny formerly A72
A102 Changed to A104
A103 A3 - Le Raincy Not signposted, only indirect references to A3 and A86
A104 Link between A1 and A4 near Paris
A105 Brie-Comte-Robert (N104) - Melun (N105) Former A105 changed to A140
A106 A6 - Orly
A115 Sannois - Taverny
A126 Link between A6 and A10 near Orly Not signposted, only indirect references to A6 and A10
A131 A13 - Le Havre Gap Pont de Tancarville (N182)
A132 Pont-l'Evêque - Deauville
A139 A13 - Rouen
A140 A4 - Meaux
A150 Rouen - Yvetot Gap Yvetot-east - Barentin
A151 Rouen - Tôtes
A154 A13 - Louviers
A159 Changed to A151
A160 Changed to A19
A186 A3 - Montreuil Downgraded to local road
A199 Noisy-le-Grand - Torcy Downgraded to D199
A203 Charleville-Mézières - Sedan Changed to A34
A211 Lens: link between A21 and N17
A216 Calais eastern bypass Signposted as expressway without number
A260 Boulogne - Saint-Omer planned
A283 Caen - Sées Changed to A88
A311 Dijon - A31 (south)
A313 Pont-a-Mousson - A31 (south)
A314 Metz - A4 (east)
A315 Small section on Metz eastern bypass between A4 and A314/N431
A320 Freyming-Merlebach - Germany (A6)
A330 Nancy - south (- Epinal)
A340 Rottelsheim (N340) - A4
A350 Strasbourg: link between A35 and D63 Changed to N2350
A351 Strasbourg - N4 (west)
A352 Entzheim - Molsheim
A354 Strasbourg: link between A35 and D63 Changed to A350
A391 A39 - Poligny (N83)
A401 Genève (CH) (south) - A40 Changed to A41
A404 A40 - Oyonnax
A406 Macon southern bypass Opened in 2011
A411 Genève (CH) (east) - A40
A430 A43 - Albertville Formerly near Lyon, changed to A432
A431 Changed to A430/A432
A432 Lyon: link between A46 and A43
A450 Lyon - Brignais
A457 Formerly Lyon - Brignais Changed to A450, was A45 first
A480 Grenoble: link between A48 and A51
A490 Ring Valence south Changed to N1532, then in 2002 to N7
A500 A8 - Monaco Single carriageway, formerly A800
A501 Ring Aubagne west
A502 Aubagne: link between A50 and former N8
A507 Ring Marseille east Under construction
A515 Slip roads between A51 and D6 near Gardanne Only signposted on km posts
A516 Aix-en-Provence - A51 (south) Changed to N451
A517 Slip roads between A7 and A51 in the A7-A51 junction Not signposted, administrative only
A520 A52 - Auriol
A521 Changed to A520
A551 North-south slip roads between A7 and A55 in the A7-A55 junction Not signposted, administrative only
A552 East-west slip roads between A7 and A55 in the A7-A55 junction Not signposted, administrative only
A557 Marseille: link between A7 and A55 One-way westbound
A570 Toulon - Hyères
A601 Changed to A621
A602 Changed to A624
A603 Changed to A624 First changed to A602
A610 Changed to A837
A612 Changed to A61/A62 First changed to A621
A614 Toulouse southern ring road Officially obsolete but still signposted
A620 Ring Toulouse west
A621 Toulouse - Airport Blagnac Former A621 changed to A61/A62
A623 Short section in A61/A620 interchange Shortest motorway (400 m), not signposted, administrative only
A624 Toulouse - Colomiers
A630 Ring Bordeaux north, west and south only
A631 Bordeaux - A630/N230
A641 Peyrehorade - A64 Single carriageway
A645 Labroquère - A64 Single carriageway
A660 A63 - Arcachon Formerly partly an ordinary road near Arcachon, later downgraded
A668 Changed to A68
A680 A68 - Verfeil Single carriageway
A701 A10 - Orléans
A710 Montferrand - A71/A89 Formerly continued to A72/A711 interchange
A711 Clermont-Ferrand - A89
A719 A71 - Gannat
A720 Changed to A711
A800 Changed to A500
A801 Nantes - A83 Downgraded to unnumbered expressway in 2001
A811 Nantes: link between A11 and N249
A821 Changed to A844
A830 Changed to D844
A831 Fontenay-le-Comte - Rochefort Planned
A837 Rochefort - Saintes
A844 Ring Nantes north
Numbers over 900 have all been changed to lower numbers:
A930 Changed to A139
A932 Changed to A132
A1086 Changed to A186
A1216 Changed to A216
A1501 Changed to A151
A7109 Changed to A710

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