Exit name changes in Germany 1963-2003

Last updated 11-8-03


Exit names change for various reasons.

In Germany, exit names tend to change very often. This list contains all names I have been able to find on maps from the period 1963-2003.

Note that not all the names in this list actually appeared on signs. In some cases, exit names were changed before a road was opened (e.g. on the A17). Also, it may be assumed that some of the names are simply errors on maps.


No distinction is made between a name like 'Oberhausener Kreuz' and 'Kreuz Oberhausen'.

If the name of an exit varies only as far as slashes or dashes are concerned, it is not included.

When an exit involves more than one motorway, it appears only under the lowest road number.



(Count: 743)

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