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Area code 98 Common abbreviation IR Last updated 4-14-2013
Road class Syntax Administrative subordination Sub classes Zones System Remarks
Asian highway A[0-9]<2> Asia See Asia
Motorway [0-9]<1-2> national Sequential Only one-digit numbers known
National highway [0-9]<1-3> national 2-d Grid
3-d Derived from 2-d number
General description:
Motorways: Numbers roughly increase from west to east.
Number Route Comments
1 Tehran - Qazvin - Rasht
2 Qazvin - Zanjan - Tabriz
5 Tehran - Saveh - Arak - Ahvaz - Sarbandar Parts open, parts under construction
6 Hamadan - Saveh
7 Tehran - Qom - Esfahan
9 spur from route 7 to Esfahan
National highways: odd numbers (11-99) generally denote north-south routes, while even numbers (12-98) denote east-west routes. Numbers increase in eastbound and southbound direction respectively. There are some A roads without a national number. Motorways do not have national numbers.
3-digit numbers are derived from 2-digit numbers by adding a digit at the end.
Road signs: blue on motorways, green on other roads. 3-digit numbers appear in black on a white rectangle, examples
Pictures by Ali B. Hashemi:
The direction of the road is often indicated by the first letter: S for South
History: Probably in the late 1990's, all road numbers were changed. The old system was also a grid, but with only 5 east-west routes (even numbers 2-10) and only 7 north-south routes (odd numbers 1-13). Therefore the new system is a lot more dense, though there are a few sections that used to have a number which are not numbered anymore.
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