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Area code 40 Common abbreviation RO Last updated 31-10-2015
Road class Syntax explanation Administrative subordination Sub classes Zones System Remarks
European road E[0-9]<2-3> Europe See Europe
Motorway A{1}[0-9] national sequential Highest number A11
National road (Drum national) (DN)[0-9]<1-2>{[A-Z]} national 1-d Determined by first digit spider-web
County road (Drum judetean) (DJ)[0-9]<3>{[A-Z]} national
Communal road (Drum comunal) (DC)[0-9]<1-3>{[A-Z]} county
General description:
There are only 5 motorways: the A1 and A3 between Bucharest (Bucuresti) and Hungary, the A2 Bucharest-Constanta, the A4 around Constanta and the A6 near Lugoj.
Many more motorways are planned.
The DN and DJ roads have a common zone system based on the first digit of each number. Romania has been divided into seven zones bounded by trunk roads which radiate in clockwise order from Bucuresti. Each zone bears the number of the road bounding it upon the left, facing outwards from the centre. Therefore there are no numbers beginning with 8 or 9. Within each zone, road numbers generally increase as a function of the shortest distance to Bucuresti. This holds more strictly for DN numbers than for DJ numbers. Zone 7 consists of two isolated parts because the DN1 and DN7 follow the same route between Sibiu and Sebes. Because of the non-central location of Bucharest, zones 3 and 4 are very small, while zone 1 is very large.
DJ numbers are sometimes also referred to as just 'D' roads (drum=road). DJ numbers are derived from DN numbers by adding a digit at the end (for 2-d numbers, e.g. DN18 > DJ182) or a zero and a digit (for 1-d numbers, e.g. DN1 > DJ108).
There are many numbers with a letter suffix. These are not necessarily less important than the corresponding unsuffixed numbers.
Communal roads are numbered per county.
Road signs:
Road type Background Text Road numbers
Class Shape Background Text
Motorways Green White A Rectangle Green White
Other roads Blue White DN Similar to US highways Red White
DJ Pentagon as in Hungary Blue White
DC Pentagon as in Hungary Yellow Black
Tourist information Brown White
Picture by Mihai Grecu:
History: The Bucharest ring road was changed from DN100A to 'CB' (C=Centura) around 2003. However, in 2009 there were still signs with the old number. Around 2010, the DJ202/DJ204 Focșani - Brăila was upgraded to DN23. The DJ562 was changed to DN56C.
The highest A-number is A6 in 2014, but there are plans for numbers up to 15.
Sources and links: Various maps and atlases, Mihai Grecu

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